Artifact Edit

The Artifact is a feature in Platform Racing 2 that lets people earn the elusive Bubble Set. The Artifact is found in any set random level selected by a Staff Member. Once a player has found the Artifact, they will pick it up and it appears on top of their head, like a Hat. It will replace the hat previously on your head, and several different circumstances will take place.

Effects Edit

Once a player puts on the Artifact, the player will be given a continuous Speed Burst, the controls of Left and Right will be shifted so that Right becomes Left and Left becomes Right, and the time limit will be set to 0:30. In addition, the music is set to We are Loud.

Reward Edit


Anyone who finishes a level wearing the Artifact Hat will be rewarded with 40,111 EXP in addition to the EXP for completing the race. The player who finds the Artifact and finishes the level with it before anybody else does will be rewarded with the elusive Bubble Set.