In PR2, there's four game modes.

Race Edit


Race Level

In this mode, player must bump the finish block faster than other players. First at the finish win the race.

Deathmatch Edit


Deathmatch Level

In this mode, the three hearts will appear on top right of the screen. And if players get damage(When attacked by laser, sword or lightning, touch net block or mine block, or fall into outside of the screen), one heart will get lost.

And when the player lost all of hearts, the player will lost.

When the player bump heart blocks, one heart will appear and be immunity for a few seconds. The player can have 15 hearts at the most.

The player that survive until the end, that player will be the winner.

Alien Eggs Edit


Alien Eggs Level

From all sides, alien eggs will appeared on screen. When they found players, they attacks with laser, sword or ice wave.

Player must collect alien eggs as many as they can.

If someone bump finish block, the game will be over.

Walking Eggs Edit

in past, the name of game mode was "Walking Eggs" and they never attacked to players. The rules were as same as Alien Eggs.

Objective Edit


Objective Level

Player must bump all of finish block as fast as they can. When the players quit before bump some blocks, they can get some exp as "Level Attempted." First who bump all finish blocks, wins.