Guilds in PR2 are groups. There people try to get guild points (GP). Guild points are actually useless, but many people like to get them.

Creating a Guild Edit

When you're at least level 20, you can create a guild. To do that, go to "Options" and create a guild. Then choose guild's name, picture(optional) and prose. Don't worry, you can edit these things any time later.

Inviting people to guildEdit

To invite people without a guild to your guild, click their name and click "invite". In general, it's good to talk first before sending an invitation to a stranger.

Other Options Edit

  • To kick persons from the guild, click their name and click "Kick from Guild".
  • To leave a guild, click "Options" and click "Leave Guild".
  • To send the members of the guild, click "PM Everyone".

Other trivia Edit

  • The crown will be appeared by the name of the leader of the guild.
  • Only the leader can invite people to guild.
  • The letters of the name of the guild is up to 20 letters.