h3ll0107(referred to as h3 from here on out) is a PR2 player from the Age of Heros era. h3 played PR2 with some vigor for about 6 months after discovering Runescape and Pawn Tactics h3 seemingly left for a while, when h3 eventually returned the game was mostly dead. However h3 occasionally comes online to play a game that is still enjoyable and is one of h3's favorite games of all time. h3 has a sibling(in-game name h3ll0109).

In May of 2018 h3 got a new desktop. Later on September 11 of 2018, after exploring how to get all of the in-game hats, h3 discovered F@H and joined Team Jiggmin contributing 24,652 points within the first 24 hours of joining.

h3 has many maps on PR2 most of which were built to mess around with his sibling and friends and were only made public because h3 figured if the work was done might as well let others enjoy it(disclaimer: maps are not well made nor are they pretty).

h3 is currently rank 26(12/09/2018), has 7 hats, and is a part of Tramp4ever.