On PR2, the HOF means Hall of Fame. The HOF is used to write the players who won the Level such as Traps, Idiot Test, Time Attack, Frustration, and etc.

System of HOF Edit

Players won the level.
They get PM Code, take the Screenshot, record or etc....
They send them with PM.
Author of the level gets it.
Go to Level Editor and put the name of the player who sent it.
Publish the level.
The HOF is updated.

Styles of HOF Edit

As they like or something else, the styles of HOF will be changed.

  • HOF on the Description of level.
  • HOF on the level.
    • Both of them.

Preventing CheatingEdit

  • To prevent players from quitting the level and just viewing the code at the end, many players will hide their level code under breakable block or vanish blocks.  This will force players to actually beat the level.
  • Other players may give away the HOF code.  To prevent cheating, level creaters may change their code often.
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