This is the third level of the new Platform Racing 2 Campaign. It revolves around being an extremely fast level, with being a remake of the old campaign level Mario Bros. Remix, where in this one the only item available for grabs is the Speed Item. Higher ranks have an advantage here, because they can add more points. Speed is essential. Jump is important. In fact, you can almost put your acceleration to 0 on this level if you're confident in your abilities to keep airbourne. This level requires you to be rank 2 before you can play it


Mario Bros. Speed is a good level for the INTERMEDIATE player. It gives challenges, especially if you're going full speed. Crashing into walls is extremely hard to avoid at full speed. The level is definitely worth a go, but it might take some tries to get it right. It can be finished in about 0:37 at best, or 0:35 with a glitch.

Edited by Daggarn, A.K.A 898ppp