This level is the fourth in the new set of Campaign levels in Platform Racing 2. It's speedy with some obstacles. If you rush it, you're gonna regret it. This level requires you to take your time, and yet hurry up. At the start you can get some happy blocks, helping essentially. This level is short, but still art-intensive. In the middle of this level there is a big space for just running. At the end there is also a lake you have to swim through.  This level is good for the intermediate player. It proposes challenges for all players, although some of it is easier depending on stats. Also it may cause lag, due to being intensive on art. But, this is just how MF rolls. This level can be finished fairly quickly, although most people cannot get below the 1:00 mark.

The Speed Campaign Level
Newby Train-Urban race-Mario Bros Speed
Mf's, Fantasy Race-Blacklight 2-Speed Meadow
Storm-Lightspeed 2-Volcanic Inferno
Running Racer
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