Platform Racing (PR1) is a two-dimensional online racing game created by Jiggmin in 2007.


The main menu of PR1.

Contents Edit

Control Edit

  • Right or "D" --> Run Right!
  • Left or "A" --> Run Left!
  • Up or "W" --> Jump!
  • Down or "S" --> Charge a Super Jump!
  • Space --> Use an Item!

Customize Edit

You can change

  • Colors[1] of Head, Body and Feet
  • Status:Speed, Jump and Traction[2]
  • Name

Server Edit

There's three servers on PR1.

  • Fitz
  • Derron
  • Grayan

Levels Edit

Main article: Platform Racing/Levels

There's 8 levels on PR1.

  1. Newbieland -Able to play From the begining
  2. Buto -Able to play Over 0.1 Rank
  3. Pyramids -Able to play Over 3 Rank
  4. Robocity -Able to play Over 10 Rank
  5. Assembly -Able to play Over 20 Rank
  6. Internal Hop -Able to play Over 50 Rank
  7. Going Down -Able to play Over 150 Rank
  8. Slip -Able to play Over 300 Rank


Treading Edit

On PR1, you can tread other players to jump high. The player tread cannot move for a few seconds.[4]

Chatting Edit

As same as PR2, players are able to Chat on the lobby.[5]

Ignoring Edit

As same as PR2, players are able to ignore the players.[6]

Notes Edit

  1. You can choose from these 11 colors:white, gray, lime, purple, maroon, aqua, yellow, red, green, crimson, and blue.
  2. The status: Traction doesn't exists in PR2.
  3. After this, the message of "More levels? Maybe." is written.
  4. It's as same as Jigg Hat on PR2.
  5. However, during the racing, they can't chat.
  6. However, if the players does that, they can't switch the players un-ignored.

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