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The main menu of PR2.

Platform Racing 2 (PR2) is a two-dimensional online racing game created by Jiggmin. It is the sequel to Platform Racing, the first game in the series.

Contents Edit

Starting Game Edit

You can either create an account, or play as a guest.

Play as Guest Edit

To play, click the button called Play as Guest or click Log In and type Guest in the Entry column.

If you are playing as guest, you can't do these doing.

  • Sending PMs
  • Creating and publishing levels
  • Chatting
  • Adding to Friends/Ignoring

Create new account Edit

To create a new account:

  1. Click Create Account
  2. Type Name, Pass, and Confirm Pass. (Entering your e-mail is optional, but can be used in case you forget your password) (The amount of characters that can be used in your username is 20 characters)
  3. Click Create Account and choose server
  4. Congratulation, you've created new account!

When you have created your account, a PM will be sent from Jiggmin which is "Thank you for joining for Platform Racing 2!".

Log in Edit

To log in, just click Log In and type your name and your password. If you click "Remember me", you can log in automatically.

If you forget the password Edit

Click Forget your password and type your name and email. An e-mail will be sent to your address and you can reset your password from there.

This only works if you've linked an e-mail address to your account.

Play the GameEdit

You can play the game to click the slot of the level. When you play alone, just click "Play", but when you want to play with others and someone clicks "Play," the countdown will be started. When all players click "Play" or "Cancel", the race will started.

Contents of levelsEdit

There are five tabs:

  1. Campaign -The 9 levels which are campaign. The levels will be changed once a day.
  2. All Time Best -The 9 levels * 9 pages = 81 levels which are the best one.
  3. Today's Best -The 9 levels * 9 pages = 81 levels which are rated high. The levels will be changed.
  4. Newest -The 9 levels * 9 pages = 81 levels which are published recently.
  5. Search -You can search for levels by username, descending, or ascending.
The campaign levelsEdit
Main article: Campaign Levels
All Time Best LevelsEdit
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PR2 is consisted from these elements.

Running Racer
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Running Racer
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