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Platform Racing 3, or known for PR3 was a two-dimensional online racing game created by Jiggmin and the sequel of PR2. It had been no longer available as Sparkworkz was shut down, but it is being reborn by isokissa3[1].

The DifferencesEdit

There are some differences between PR2 and PR3.

  • There are some difference hats. -Platform Racing 3/Hats
  • You can play up for 8 players.
  • There are "EXP Bonus" in one of the status.
  • There are lots of campaign levels and they won't changed once a day and updated. -Platform Racing 3/Campaign Levels
  • There are four game modes:Race, Deathmatch, Coin Fiend and Hat Attack.
  • There are some difference blocks. Platform Racing 3/Blocks
  • Able to share the levels.
  • Able to edit the blocks.
    • Able to share the blocks.
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