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Settings is option of levels that editors can set on Level Editor.


All settings.

Music Edit

The music played during levels. By setting "None", editors can set music nothing. If editors didn't set this setting, one of out of all music will be played randomly.

Items Edit

Editors can set what items players can get on the level.

Minimum Experience Level Edit

Players that their Levels are lower than the Experience Level set on this setting are disable to play the level.

Gravity Multiplier Edit

Editor can set the gravity of level maximum to 9999[1] and minimum to -999[2]. Default is 1.0.

Time Limit Edit

Editor can set the limit of time of level as seconds. Enter 0 for infinite time.[3] Default is 120.

Game Mode Edit

The mode of level.

Chance of Cowboy Mode Edit

The chance of Cowboy Mode as number of percentage. Default is 5.

Secret Password Edit

The password of level.

Notes Edit

  1. In initial, it was 999.
  2. In initial, it was -99.
  3. A function added on upgrade.

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