Simming is fastest way to gain exp. All who have big ranks have simmed. Simming is normally made by using four accounts at same time and wearing exp hats. Usually in simming levels first player finish at 2.00 for maximum exp gain. Timing is made by moving blocks. The best time for simming is during Happy Hours. This way, all of the experience that you earn is doubled.

How perfect simming work Edit


There are many different simming levels. Normally they look similar like this.

The best simming levels always have first player finish at 2:00 with all 4 exp hats. Then 2nd player released automatically and get 4 exp hats and finish too. Then 3rd and 4th also. That hats transfer is built by using bomb glitches so its possible to release hats after hitting finish block.

GP Simming Edit

Simming levels are used for guild points too. Normally GP is by-product of exp simming. Some guilds have earned over 40'000 GP by simming and GP simming.

Where to sim? Edit

There are many different simming levels and others consider different sort of simming levels. I don't want to advertise, but these are good. (add your favourites here)

Few well-known simming places Edit

simhelp -- Perfect simming levels where everyone get 4 hats.

luis16 -- Advanced simming levels. For some they are too laggy.

Xp Machine --- Advanced simming levels.

Perfect Simming by Chancy. at 1:57 the player goes.


Emppy simming his alt.